Gender: Female



Origin: English from French from the German Alberic

Meaning: Ruler of Elves

Popularity Rank: # 20

Variations: Aubree, Aubrie, Aubry, Aubrea, Aubriegh


Aubie, Bree/Brie, Aub

Name It Can Be A Nickname For:Edit

Aubrianne, Aubrianna, Aubrielle, Aubriette

General/Interesting InfoEdit

Know more interesting facts about Aubrey or know an Aubrey (Personally or in the Media)? Please let the community know!

Aubrey is one of the more prominate male names that have been turned almost exclusively female in recent years. It always struck me more masculine though, because the first Aubrey I ever met was a 30 year old man. Rainbow~Pariah (talk) 01:52, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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