Circle Collage of Boy Names

Boys NamesEdit

All name sthat are established boy names go here. If you add a name, please check to see if it has already been listed. Please put them in alphebetical order!

If you have a new spelling/variation please go to that names specific page and add it to the Variations section. Please use an "," to differentiate. (Ex: Thomas,Tomas)

Small Note: Not all of these names have their own pages yet, which is why this list is seperate from the actual Category, Boys. Please feel free to add names or pages to help complete the Wikia!


A. Edit

Aaron, Adam, Adrian, Aiden, Alec, Alexander , Andrew, Anthony, Austin

B. Edit

Benjamin , Bentley, Bill, Blake, Brandon, Brayden, Brody, Bryson

C. Edit

Caleb, Callum, Calvin, Cameron, Carlos, Carson, Carter, Castiel, Charles, Chase, Christian, Christopher, Claude, Clay, Cole, Colton, Connor, Cooper,


Daniel, David, Dean , Diego, Dominic, Dylan

E. Edit

Easton, Eli, Elias, Elijah, Elvis, Eric, Ethan, Evan

F. Edit

Felix, Finnian, Fisher, Forrest, Fox, Frederic

G. Edit

Gabriel, Gage, Gavin, George, Gideon, Graydon, Grayson


Hayden, Hayes, Henry, Horatio, Hunter

I. Edit

Ian, Ignatius, Isaac, Isaiah

J. Edit

Jack, Jackson, Jace, Jacob , James, Jason, Jasper, Jayden, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jesus, Joey, John, Jonathan, Jordan, Jose, Joseph, Joshua, Josiah, Juan, Julian, Justin


Keiser, Keith, Kellen, Kevin, Kiernan, Kyle, Kyler

L. Edit

Landon, Lawrence, Levi, Liam, Logan, Loran/Loren, Louis, Lucas, Luke, Lyle

M. Edit

Marcus, Mason, Mateo, Matthew, Max, Maximus, Maxwell, Michael, Montague,

N. Edit

Nash, Nathen, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Noah, Nolan

O. Edit

Oliver, Oscar, Owen

P. Edit

Parker, Paul, Patrick, Peter, Phillip


Quince, Quincy, Quinten

R. Edit

Randall, Reid, Robert, Roman, Ronan, Rosario, Rupert, Ryan,


Samuel, Sebastian, Seth, Solomon, Stephen

T. Edit

Thomas, Todd, Tristan, Tyler

U. Edit

Ulysses, Ulrich


Vance, Victor, Vince, Vincent


Wayne, William, Wyatt

X. Edit

Xavier, Xander


Yale, York, Yves


Zachariah, Zachary,

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