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Rules and Regulations

These are the Rules and Regulations of the Wiki! They are to obeyed and any breech in them will be dealt with immediately! Read them over carefully so as to avoid unnecessary additions, drama and banning!

  1. Be respectful of others and their views! Discussion is fine but the minute someone goes over board I will be forced to take action!
  2. No profanity, religious or political topics, violence/threats, discussion of illegal subjects, spamming, adult themes or any other unsavoryness. A breech in this rule will result in an immediate ban!
  3. Before adding content of any kind, MAKE SURE that it is not already listed! Use the search engine if you must! I've already had problems with this and I'm already sick of it!
  4. Read all introductions on a categories page before you edit it! I do not want anything miscategorized! ONE warning is all you get if this happens, after that I will take harsher action! Here are all of the Categories.
  5. You MUST use the format found on this Page to ensure that everything is simple and neat. If you ignore this rule you WILL be punished! There is no excuse!
  6. You MUST link the page to it's appropriate list! That will be either Girls Names, Boys Names or Unisex Names. If the name is already listed, but no page exists, then replace it with a link. If it is not listed at all then just add the link in the appropriate spot. To do this go to the edit page and locate the name you wish to link, Copy your pages URL and click the Add Link button (It's next to the Italics button) Paste the URL into the top bar and click OK. If you are still unsure then please contact me on my talk page. Rainbow~Pariah (talk) 00:46, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

More will be added as needed, if you forget a rule or are unsure of an action, please revisit this page or you may ask me on my talk page. Thank you! Rainbow~Pariah (talk) 23:11, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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