Unisex NamesEdit

This page will have THREE sections. So read carefully!


Unisex Names

Established Unisex Names- All unisex names that were once for a specific gender but has changed to become predominately for the opposite gender go here. They must have been in "common" use for atleast 10 years! (Ex: Elliot, Aubrey, Addison, Makenzie, Bailey, Kelly, Jamie or Lynn)

Modern Unisex Names- Any name that has begun a STRONG transition to the opposite sex. (Ex: Taylor, Riley, Harper and Quinn) Dylan, Ryan, James and other established boy names are not on the list, just because you know one little girl named Kyle does not make it a unisex name.

Uncertain Names- However, this section is for those who wish to add a unisex name but are unsure if it is Established, Modern or even considerd entirely unisex yet. Add it to this section and I or another Admin/Mod will place it it in the correct section.

Small Note: Not all of these names have their own pages yet, which is why this list is seperate from the actual Catagory, Unisex. Please feel free to add names or pages to help complete the Wikia!

If you have a new spelling/variation please go to that names specific page and add it to the Variations section and please use an "," to differentiate. (Ex: Kelly, Kelli or Riley, Rylee) Also, please add them in alphebetical order!

Since I know from experience that this particular section can spawn nasty comments and arguements, anyone who decides that they want to deliberately cause drama or upset will be BANNED! If you are confused about what makes a name go into a certain section, please feel free to ask me. Rainbow~Pariah 02:18, August 6, 2012 (UTC)

Established Unisex ListingsEdit

Addison, Alex, Aubrey



Jamie, Jean/Gene


Lee, Leslie, Lauren/Loran/Loren, Lynn

Makenzie, Monet, Morgan

Reagan, Robin

Skylar, Sloane

Modern Unisex ListingsEdit





Riley, Reese


Uncertain ListingsEdit

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